I’m Arastoo Abasi, since my sixteen I’m doing code and programming. I’ve started by HTML/CSS and after that, I’ve been busy with Javascript and a little C#. Now I’m hardly working on Python and Django. 

For now, I’m busy with some remote project and working as a Content Producer in a Persian online magazine related to web development. Besides my work life, on a daily basis, I hardly trying to learn new features and libraries in Python. I’m some kind in love with Vue.js too and I’m trying to work with that. For the database, I’m an enthusiast of MongoDB and PostgreSQL and I have some proper knowledge about Bash, Docker, and Git and finally, for Desktop OS I use Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE desktop environment).

I have a Persian version of this site that you can check in this link. I’m also want to share some knowledge with you through my posts in Blog Section about Python, JS and etc.

If you wanna touch me you can use my Email and my Twitter account.